Management and coordination

We drive and coordinate efforts for increased digitalisation, both nationally and internationally.

How we work with management and coordination

Ena – Sweden's digital infrastructure

We are responsible for Ena, which is the name of Sweden's digital infrastructure. Much of our work is about leading and coordinating but we also develop some of our own components.

Sweden's digital arena

We have been commissioned to develop a digital arena to increase both access to and use of public and open data. In the long run, this should lead to increased innovation.

International coordination

We work with international coordination, on both a large and small scale. Among other things, we are the national coordinator of the program for a digital Europe (DIGITAL) and the national coordinator for a common gateway to Europe (SDG/Your Europe).

E-identification and e-signatures

We coordinate the work with e-identification and e-signatures, nationally and internationally. We also review signature services and issue the quality label Swedish e-identification.

Example: Ena – Sweden’s digital infrastructure

  • Digg is leading the work of establishing a joint digital infrastructure for information exchange.
  • Basic data domains ensure that the data exchanged within the infrastructure is correct and accessible.
  • Reusable building blocks make services more uniform, and enables faster and more efficient development.

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