Analysis and follow-up

We identify what needs to be done and follow up to make sure the development is moving in the right direction.

How we work with analysis and follow-ups

  • We provide the government with data and analyses for the development of digitalisation of society and public administration.
  • We look at the digitalisation policy and follow and analyse the development in relation to the set policy. We compile statistics, do follow-ups and make analyses of developments in the surrounding world.
  • Among other things, we carry out a comprehensive analysis and follow-up of the digitalisation of municipalities and regions as well as the digital maturity of state authorities.
  • We follow up and supervise that public authorities are complying with the e-invoicing law and the law on accessibility to digital public services.
  • Our own operations are based on the analyses we make and the needs we identify.

Example: Supervision of digital accessibility

  • Digg reviews digital public service to see if it meets the accessibility requirements.
  • During 2020 and 2021, Digg has reviewed websites for increased accessibility.
  • 9 out of 10 have improved their availability since deficiencies
    were pointed out.

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