Knowledge and support

We educate and provide the guidance that others need to continue their digital transformation.

How we work with knowledge and support

Rules and recommendations

We provide advice and recommendations for the digitalisation through, for example, our service "Rules and recommendations".

Digital accessibility

We provide support and knowledge for the development in several areas. For example, on the site External link. we have gathered all necessary knowledge for designers, content creators, developers, digital managers who want to develop accessible websites and apps.

Networks and seminars

Among other things, we run a network for benefits realisation, the NOSAD network for knowledge sharing within open data and a community connected to our data portal.

Customer service and support

Digg's customer service receives a wide variety of questions. The questions can relate to anything from technical support of a service to more complex questions regarding technology and law.

Example: Web guidelines

At, the official guidelines on working with websites in the public sector in Sweden are gathered and made available. The main focus of the guidelines is digital accessibility and usability, but they also cover topics such as multilingualism, integrity, performance, archiving and trust among other things.

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