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Electronic identification (eID) for individuals

eID is a secure electronic identification with which you can verify your identity on a computer, smartphone or tablet. eID may be useful or necessary when you purchase a product, use an online service, call an authority, contact your bank, etc.

You can find more information about eID in English on the website www.elegitimation.se.

eIDAS - Electronic identification across boarders

DIGG is responsible for:

  • the Swedish eIDAS single point of contact
  • the Swedish participation in Cooperation Network
  • dialogue concerning Swedish eIDAS interoperability and metadata
  • Sweden Connect, which includes the Swedish eIDAS node, the Technical Framework and the General Register that promotes secure eID transactions within Sweden

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority is responsible for supervision according to eIDAS trust services.

Visit The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority's website