Towards Finnish EUDI wallet

Onsdag 16 oktober

10.10 - 10.40

Mikko Pitkänen, director at Finnish Digital Agency, shares insights gained from develpment of European Digital Identity Wallet in Finland. The talk discusses the benefits of EU digital identity solutions for citizens and their interplay with high quality base registers of a Nordic country. The talk also shares our findings from several EU large scale pilots as well as our work linkage to national eID development.

About Mikko Pitkänen

Mikko Pitkänen holds a doctoral degree in networking technology and works as a director in Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency. He has worked more than a decade as a researcher in the field of Internet technologies and more than a decade as a public servant in the Finnish central goverment. His deep interest on interoperability of distributed systems serves to build secure state of the art services for citizens' benefit.

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